descriptionZhang Le's loongson overlay
last changeThu, 29 Nov 2007 10:22:57 +0000
2007-11-29 Zhang Le add ECVS_CO_DIR and ECVS_CO_DARG to cvs.eclass master
2007-11-29 Zhang Le copied cvs.eclass from portage
2007-11-27 Zhang Le binutils' loongson2e patch: regenerated bfd-in2.h
2007-11-27 Zhang Le fixed binutils' loongson2e patch
2007-11-27 Zhang Le updated binutils and gcc's loongson2e patch
2007-11-27 Zhang Le added gcc-4.3.0_alpha20071116.ebuild with loongson2e ...
2007-11-26 Zhang Le Added ~mips keyword to gcc-4.2.2
2007-11-26 Zhang Le added gcc-4.2.2 with loongson2 patch
2007-11-26 Zhang Le remove cruft digest-binutils-2.17-r1
2007-11-26 Zhang Le Added loongson2 patch to binutils
2007-11-25 Zhang Le added mldonkey-2.9.2
2007-11-25 Zhang Le added binutils-9999(binutils-2_18-branch) removed packa ...
2007-10-18 Zhang Le fix xorg-server-1.4-loongson.patch
2007-10-17 Zhang Le add xorg-server-1.4-r2.ebuild
2007-10-17 Zhang Le add mldonkey-2.9.1.ebuild
2007-08-16 Zhang Le enable pulseaudio USE flag
2 weeks ago master